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Dr. Fletcher has trained with distinction at world-class institutions throughout the country.


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Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty requires no cutting or removal of bone/tissue.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care while making your visit as pleasant as possible. Check out these patient testimonials.

The team members here are incredible! They go way beyond making you feel at home and welcome. I went from them over to the VA clinic!!!!! WOW!!!! If the Govt would only take lessons from them. The DR is proficient and the place is ok in my books!

Anonymous Georgia Center for ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery July 10, 2019

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Come in and consult with Dr. Fletcher, and begin your path to a higher quality of life or achieve that perfect facial feature you’re after. Dr. Fletcher is an award-winning clinician, surgeon, scholar and educator.
Dr. Aaron Fletcher

“My practice was built on restoring the quality of your life that has been impaired by a medical condition.”

– Dr. Aaron Fletcher


Dr. Aaron Fletcher is an award-winning surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery and advanced sinus treatment options.
ENT Services

ENT Services In Atlanta

Whether it’s seasonal allergies or something more serious, such as hearing loss, it’s always good to look into ENT services, which cover many common ailments. Many people visit an allergist in Atlanta, GA, for various seasonal and year-long ear, nose, and throat issues. Patients can rest easy knowing that Dr. Aaron Fletcher has years of experience in this field of medicine and takes an efficient yet thorough approach to a patient’s health. ENT covers more than you might think—medical complications, such as sinus disease, sleep apnea, and thyroid surgery, are only a small handful of our services.

All our patients receive an expert consultation regarding their concerns, and no question is left unanswered. We don’t only offer a single solution, so you’ll always have different options for getting your health back on track.

Treatment plans are always crafted to your specific need, and we’ll ensure you’re informed every step of the way. Each person encounters different health complications when it comes to the ears, nose, and throat, and an ENT doctor is well equipped to tackle the ailments associated with them. Some are more common than others, but none should be taken lightly. We aim to be your go-to Atlanta ENT that offers an all-encompassing service to promote swift recovery. If you’re unsure about your current condition or simply looking for a quality treatment plan, don’t hesitate to review the details below. Contact us to schedule an appointment to get one step closer to feeling like yourself again.

ENT specialist in Atlanta, GA
Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery 

Plastic surgery is complex and meticulous. It requires a skillful surgeon and the utmost precision. Dr. Aaron Fletcher has a long track record in plastic surgery and offers profound results to every patient. Your safety and privacy are at the forefront of every procedure, and we’ll make sure you get the service you need from rhinoplasty, brow lifts, scar revision, and many others.

Every patient is under the care of nearly two decades of experience and benefits from the most current practices in facial surgeries. We also provide injectable services, including fillers, botox, and Kybella. There isn’t any room to cut corners or make mistakes with facial plastic surgery, and it takes a skilled surgeon to give you the results you’re looking for.

It’s understandable to be cautious when picking a surgeon to work with. Dr. Aaron Fletcher has a long history of satisfied patients and a history of medical education that’ll ease any of your concerns. There’s no need to be self-conscious about your visit, as we provide a comfortable atmosphere from beginning to end while giving you honest answers to your questions along the way. You’ll never have to guess what’s next, as we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the procedure and every associated step. If you’re interested in our facial plastic surgery services,

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Do not let allergy symptoms determine how you live your life. Call the Georgia Center for Ear, Nose, and Throat today, and increase the quality of your daily life!
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ENT Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consult an ear, nose, and throat doctor?

Whether it’s something common, such as seasonal allergies, or a potentially more serious condition, such as hearing loss or a throat infection, don’t wait more than a week or two before reaching out to an ENT. Although many ailments can, at first, have minimal symptoms, they can quickly become much more dangerous to your health. An ENT doctor will not only provide a treatment plan but also have prevention methods on hand to make sure you’re better prepared.

What types of diagnoses can an Atlanta ENT doctor make?

An ENT doctor can handle most ear, nose, and throat health complications. Dr. Aaron Fletcher offers a wide array of ENT services regarding sinus disease, sleep apnea, thyroid surgery, hearing testing, voice care, and many others. Atlanta ENT doctors may offer different services, but all are well versed in ENT education.

What should I look for when choosing an allergist in Atlanta, GA?

Expertise is of utmost importance when getting your allergies in order. An ENT doctor can tackle your allergies with a wide range of solutions, regardless of the severity of symptoms. Depending on your specific condition, make sure the allergist you choose has the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to treat your specific condition.

What types of facial plastic surgery does Dr. Fletcher offer?

Dr. Aaron Fletcher is well educated and has years of procedures under his belt that allow him to provide consistent results for every patient. His services primarily revolve around rhinoplasty, eyelid lifts, scar revision, cheek augmentation, brow lifts, facelift surgery, grafts, and otoplasty. He approaches each patient’s requests with a detailed treatment and recovery plan to match.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

Many people are great candidates for a successful facelift operation. Dr. Fletcher regularly performs this procedure on patients uncomfortable with certain facial features, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, loss of volume, and loose skin around the neck area. Although most candidates for facelift surgery are generally over age 50, they’re equally available for younger age groups. Dr. Fletcher will always join you in a thorough consultation to discuss all aspects of your facial plastic surgery.

What alternatives to a facelift does Dr. Fletcher offer?

If you feel a facelift is excessive or you’re simply looking for something less invasive, there are several options to consider. From chin augmentation, facial fillers, fat transfer, and others, you can approach your specific goals from multiple angles. Dr. Fletcher will sit down with you for an in-depth consultation that considers factors such as age and skin elasticity to find the best route for your particular needs. In some cases, Dr. Fletcher may discuss a combination of treatments to achieve the best results, which is an excellent option for individuals with diminished skin elasticity due to natural aging.