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Atlanta GA Facial Plastic Surgery


A widely known surgical procedure, facial plastic surgery is pursued by many people for a wide number of reasons. The surgical procedure can do wonders for someone’s confidence in addition to their health, whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or for reconstruction purposes due to severe injury. It can benefit those who may suffer from sun damage, facial traumas, birth defects, and even natural aging.

Considering facial plastic surgery is a part of otolaryngology, you’ll want to seek out a dedicated and skilled ENT specialist to pursue such a procedure. This type of surgery is used for more than just aesthetic purposes as it can also be an important part of treating serious health conditions such as skin cancer.



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Aaron Fletcher, MD, is a well-versed facial plastic surgeon, and you can rest assured that he’ll provide a thorough consultation to set you on the right path. The two primary routes you can take with this type of surgery are reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. No matter which path you’re looking to take, it’s vital you research your surgeon’s capabilities and ask as many questions as possible before scheduling the surgery.

Of course, working with Aaron Fletcher, MD ensures you’ll fully understand what you can expect from the consultation to the end of recovery. He can take on a vast range of facial plastic surgery procedures, so you won’t have to look elsewhere. If you have any concerns regarding a specific procedure, he’s happy to educate you on the following facial plastic surgeries.


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