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Non-Surgical / EMFACE®

EMFACE® Treatment Atlanta

A new non-invasive treatment is available to help enhance the contours of the face and address facial aging without the pain and downtime associated with surgical procedures. If melting away fat and slimming and toning the face without needles or pain interests you, look no further, as Dr. Aaron Fletcher, an EMFACE® provider in Atlanta, provides this cutting-edge treatment option. 

What is EMFACE®?

EMFACE® is the first-ever facial device that uses Synchronized RF and HIFES technology. It is a non-invasive, needless treatment option that can tighten, lift, and tone the face to improve facial contours without pain or downtime. Each treatment session is only 20 minutes and consists of gentle warming sensations and pulsations. 

Synchronized RF uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis to produce a firming and smoothing effect on the skin. All the while HIFES technology restores facial tissue support by selectively targeting facial muscles to contract and increasing the density and quality of muscle structure within the face. 

Who is a Good Candidate for EMFACE® treatment?

The ideal candidate for EMFACE® is any adult seeking to modestly reduce wrinkles and lift the skin of the face without surgery. This FDA-approved treatment provides targeted treatment for the forehead and cheeks. These areas have demonstrated a benefit from either increased muscle tone or firming of the skin.

Forehead-targeted EMFACE® treatments may help improve eyebrow position, while targeted cheek treatments may help improve the appearance of jowls, lift the cheeks, and refine the jawline. 

Benefits of EMFACE®

The beneficial effects of EMFACE® treatment include a reduction in wrinkles, an increase in facial muscle tone, and a lifting effect on facial features. Additionally, these benefits are provided without the need for surgery or an extended recovery. 

EMFACE® treatments are painless, fast, and do not interfere with daily life. After each 20-minute session, patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately without any downtime.

What to Expect from the Results?

Multiple clinical studies have been performed to evaluate the results of EMFACE® treatments. These studies have used MRI and ultrasound imaging to assess changes in the facial muscles. To assess skin quality, before and after pictures were evaluated and patient satisfaction scores were recorded.  

The findings of these clinical studies included a:

  • 37% reduction in wrinkles within the treatment areas
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 19% increase in muscle density
  • 26% increase in collagen production, and
  • Two-fold increase in elastin production.

Average Cost of EMFACE® in Atlanta

In Atlanta, each session of EMFACE® costs around $1,200 to $1,500 and a complete treatment cycle of 4 sessions can range from $4,500 to $6,000. The overall price may vary depending on the number of sessions needed. For the most accurate EMFACE® cost details, feel free to call our office at (678) 902-9495 or leave us an inquiry in our contact section.

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“Dr. Fletcher and his staff are amazing. They have walked with my husband and I through every step of his surgery process. They are patient resourceful and genuine. God couldn’t have blessed us with a better team. Thank you for everything."


“Dr. Fletcher and his staff are all I could have hoped for in an ENT specialist. He has been my specialist for several years now and has always provided the absolute best care, best advice and treatment during every visit!"

Nicole S.

“That was my first visit and I really appreciate how prompt, attentive and thorough the staff and the doctor was. I would recommend my friends."


“I've been looking for a great ENT, I'm so glad that I've finally found one in Dr. Fletcher! He makes me feel a part of the family, I recommend all of my friends and co-workers."

Genette Roberson.

“A very professional and friendly staff. Dr. Fletcher is very detailed and informational in his explanations. His office staff Ashley C Valerie are warm and friendly. They walked my daughter through her tonsils being removed and made it seamless."


“Terrific ENT practice. Was able to get an appointment by the next day to clear ear canals. In and out within 45 minutes. Excellent and professional service by friendly staff."

Rick Andreoli.

“Appt was on time. Staff very courteous. Every step & procedure explained.
Nothing rushed or ignored. Left with a clear plan of action and follow up in place."

Anne Leath.

“Wish I could give this place 10 stars. I've been seeing Dr. Fletcher for over a year about my under eye hollows. He always gets me right and when I came in for a touch-up yesterday, I received exactly what I'm used to. I love that although they were pretty busy, I still felt safe and clean in the office. The staff is friendly and comforting as well. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Fletcher and his team."

Kri Peck.

“Dr. Fletcher removed my thyroid. He took excellent care of me pre-op and post-op. Dr Fletcher took the time to answer all the questions that I and my family had. We were all at ease going in to the procedure and recovery has gone smoothly. Dr Fletcher has kept me well informed on my care and condition and I will readily recommend him and his staff for all of their services."

Dawn Zinn.

“Five star experience. I came to Dr. Fletcher for lip fillers and they turned out amazing. He did some tweaking to a previous filler job I had done, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Friendly office environment, staff is amazing."

Jasmina Alston.

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