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Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape your nose or to repair it after an accident. It can give you the appearance you want. Using his specialized surgical skills, Dr. Aaron Fletcher, Board Certified, Otolaryngologist—Head and Neck Surgeon can help you achieve the nose of your dreams.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a “nose job.” The goal of rhinoplasty is to modify the nose to the patient’s desired appearance. Of paramount concern are the patients, skin type, and overall facial shape. Dr. Fletcher combines his facial surgery experience with his artistry to help patients achieve optimal results.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Atlanta

A rhinoplasty also can improve nasal function after an injury or can help with breathing problems that affect sleep and the ability to exercise. Learn more about the ENT procedures Dr. Fletcher offers.

Who is a Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Fletcher advises his patients that they may want to consider a rhinoplasty if they are desirous of changing the size and shape of their nose. A nose job can:

  • Narrow your nostrils’ opening
  • Make your nose bigger or smaller
  • Shape the tip of your nose
  • Correct the effects of an injury
  • Reduce the appearance of a birth defect

Rhinoplasty can be performed on young adults and older adults. Dr. Fletcher is often asked can a teenager undergo a rhinoplasty? He advises his patients that teens should not have a nose job until their nose has reached its adult size. Typically, this occurs between the ages of 15 to 16 for boys and girls. However, it is advisable that the teen is emotionally ready to handle the surgery.

Dr. Fletcher will discuss your nose reshaping and enhancement goals and advise you about the surgery and your post-surgical appearance. Patients must be in overall good health as a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure.

How is a Rhinoplasty Performed and What is the Recovery Time?

Rhinoplasty Before and After, Stockbridge, GA

Dr. Fletcher performs rhinoplasty under general anesthesia in an accredited outpatient surgical center. The specific type of rhinoplasty surgical technique will be discussed with you. The techniques used are:

  • Closed rhinoplasty (endonasal rhinoplasty) – Parallel incisions are made within the nostrils which allows for access to the underlying bone structure. This surgical approach is less invasive, faster recovery time, and does not have a visible scar. However, patients should be aware that this technique does not allow for many changes to be made to the nose.
  • Open rhinoplasty (external rhinoplasty) – An incision is made across the tissue between the nostrils as well as within the nostrils. This external technique allows Dr. Fletcher to have greater surgical access and visibility to the patient’s nasal structure and allows for more accuracy in reshaping the nose. This procedure also improves the reshaping of the tip of the nose.

Patients can return home on the same day as their rhinoplasty but must have a ride home. There is swelling in your nose and face and there is some pain. You will be sent home with nasal packing, which remains in place for up to five days. After the nasal packing is removed, you will feel more comfortable.

While most of the recovery takes place within weeks, you may experience changes for up to a year. You may have numbness and swelling in the tip of your nose for months.*

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A rhinoplasty can help you feel more confident and improve your facial appearance and profile. The Georgia Center for ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery is ready to guide you in your journey to expertly reshape your nose. Give the center a call today so you can experience our compassionate and personalized care!

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