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Facial Liposculpture - Stockbridge, Atlanta GA

Facial liposculpture is a procedure many people do not know much about. This procedure is a minimally-invasive technique used to sculpt the face and neck with targeted removal of fat.

Dr. Aaron Fletcher performs facial liposculpture on men and women’s chins, cheeks, jowls, and the neck to reduce double chins, remove jowls and improve your profile.

This procedure also is helpful in giving patients more facial definition or a chiseled appearance. If you are looking to remove fat deposit and reshape your face and neck, ask Dr. Fletcher if facial liposculpture is right for you.

Facial Liposculpture Patients of Dr. Aaron Fletcher

Patients can expect natural-looking results that improve their facial contour. Below are examples of facial liposculpture patients of Dr. Aaron Fletcher.

Female Facial Liposculpture Patient

This female patient, age 60, wanted to remove excess fat from her chin and improve the contour of her face and neckline. She underwent facial liposculpture. For more views, click here.




Who is a Candidate for Facial Liposculpture?

Dr. Fletcher advises patients that they may be a good candidate for facial liposculpture if there is a desire to improve the shape and appearance of their:

  • Full neck or “turkey waddle”
  • Chin (double chin)
  • Jowls
  • Round or “chubby” cheeks
  • Some patients may select complimentary procedures to achieve their overall facial reshaping and renewal goals. These procedures include:
  • Fat grafting or transfer
  • Chin implant / augmentation
  • Cheek implants or augmentation with facial fillers
  • Lip augmentation

During your consultation with Dr. Fletcher, he will discuss your concerns and recommend facial surgical or non-surgical procedures that can best address your goals. Factors that are considered include your age, skin tone, and skin elasticity.

It should be noted that a patient’s age is a consideration as older patients have diminished skin elasticity. In these cases, combining facial liposculpture with a facelift may be advisable.

How is Facial Liposculpture Performed and What is the Recovery Time?

Dr. Fletcher performs facial liposuction under IV sedation or general anesthesia as an outpatient basis. Liposculpture is performed by making a tiny incision (less than ½ inch) under your chin and sometimes behind the ear lobe where a small cannula is inserted to precisely suction the excess fat layer that lies deep beneath the skin.

Liposculpture patients can expect some swelling which dissipates after a few weeks. Over the next several months there are continued improvements as the skin continues to tighten. The incisions will be barely visible.*

If you are interested in a minimally invasive facial contouring procedure, ask Dr. Fletcher is right for you.

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