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Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis

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Sinusitis can interfere with your daily activities and make life more difficult. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can permanently relieve symptoms of chronic sinusitis. In over 90% of cases, patients no longer experience their sinusitis symptoms. The balloon sinuplasty procedure is designed to get rid of those annoying or even debilitating symptoms such as headaches, a stuffy nose, coughing, and thick discharge.

In balloon sinuplasty, Dr. Fletcher uses a catheter with a balloon at the end of it. He places it at the location of the blockage in your nasal passages, and opens the balloon. This allows the nasal passages to drain naturally so symptoms go away. With a single simple operation, your symptoms can disappear for good.

The whole procedure is easier for patients than traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery, or FESS. That operation requires general anesthesia and involves removal of the inflamed tissues in your sinuses. Recovery can be painful and include some bleeding from tissue damage.

Balloon sinuplasty requires little recovery time. Many patients can return to work and regular activities within two days of the procedure. You may be able to get the procedure done under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, and Dr. Fletcher can perform the procedure right in our office in Stockbridge instead of having you be admitted to a hospital.

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Who is a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?

If you’re looking at balloon sinuplasty as an option, it’s best to have your sinus complications diagnosed as early as possible. Unfortunately, those who are already suffering from long-lasting health complications with their sinuses may not benefit as much from the procedure.

Although each patient’s situation is different and requires a unique approach, certain symptoms can make someone an excellent candidate for balloon sinuplasty. Whether you’re dealing with recurring sinus infections, consistent headaches around the eyes, or difficulty breathing through the nose, all of these are reasons enough to consider the procedure.

Before you dive into the procedure, your physician should consider whether you’d benefit more from partial or full balloon sinuplasty treatment. It’s also vital to note that this procedure is best suited for adults. Although the procedure has been performed on children, it will only be suggested for them in very niche healthcare scenarios.

Benefits of balloon sinuplasty

Before balloon sinuplasty became a common solution, endoscopic sinus surgery was the traditional method used to handle various sinus complications. Part of what made balloon sinuplasty an ideal choice were overall safety and minimal health risks. 

The procedure itself offers a faster recovery period, no damage to the sinus or surrounding structures, and a reduced risk of post-op infections, inflammations, and potential scarring. 

Even if it’s considered to be quite safe and effective, there are still a few known side effects. Patients may experience different side effects such as minimal swelling, drainage mainly consisting of blood, tenderness in the localized area, and infections if the sinuses aren’t properly cleaned after the procedure. The procedure has been around since the early 2000s, but it can still be challenging to find a qualified and reliable surgeon who’s ready to take the job. 

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Balloon Sinuplasty FAQ

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is known as the go-to surgical solution for treating sinusitis and other ailments related to the sinus. It’s minimally invasive and much more effective than the traditional endoscopic sinus surgery that was popular before.

What conditions can be treated with balloon sinuplasty?

Although sinusitis is one of the leading health conditions that warrant balloon sinuplasty, there are other complications related to the sinus that the procedure can help alleviate. The procedure is generally recommended when antibiotics can’t manage the symptoms of sinus issues and to help those who struggle with chronic congestion, stuffy nose, pressure in the face, and even issues with the sense of smell.

Is balloon sinuplasty painful?

Another aspect that brings so much attention to the procedure is it’s relatively painless, apart from the fact that some patients may experience mild soreness. Most people report a pressure sensation during the procedure, but you can rest assured that minimal to chronic pain isn’t a part of the process. If necessary, a surgeon may consider general anesthesia in particular circumstances.

How long does it take to heal from balloon sinuplasty?

Recovery time is nearly non-existent, as patients will start feeling back to normal within 24–48 hours after the procedure. Patients will experience a faster healing process if they follow some minor aftercare instructions such as rinsing their nostrils with nasal spray, elevating the head while sleeping, and avoiding blowing the nose.