Cheek Augmentation
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Cheek Augmentation Specialist in the Atlanta area

A common side effect of aging is a hollowing of your cheeks. You can appear more haggard and less healthy than you really are. Cheek augmentation can help you appear more vibrant and younger in a simple procedure that is right for you. Dr. Fletcher is an expert at counseling patients on their options and performing the cheek augmentation procedure in a compassionate manner.

Your Consultation and Options

You will start with a consultation that includes your medical history. You will discuss your goals and how to best achieve them given the natural shape of your face and cheekbones. Dr. Fletcher will also inform you of your options. You might have injections of tissue from other places in your body, or you might be better off getting implants of fat fillers, solid silicone, or Gortex.

The Cheek Augmentation Procedure and Recovery

The surgeon makes incisions in the lower mouth or near the eyelid, taking care to minimize their visibility. Then he injects the filler into the area over the cheekbone and closes up the site with stitches. The procedure takes under two hours in most cases.

Swelling and bruising are typical, but pain is not usually severe with cheek augmentation. You can get back to regular activities in a week or two, although the swelling can remain for about a month. Fillers should last for up to a year, while implants can last indefinitely.

Get Started When You Are Ready

The Georgia Center for Ear, Nose Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery offers a caring and safe space for your cosmetic surgery needs. We are committed to making sure you feel comfortable in each stage of the process, as well as get the results you want. Let us help you with your cheek augmentation procedure starting today!