Rhinoplasty - Atlanta, Stockbridge, Peachtree City GA

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Specialist in the Atlanta area

Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape your nose or to repair it after an accident. It can give you the appearance you want. Using high-tech methods, Dr. Fletcher and the team will work with you to achieve the nose of your dreams.

You might want to get one or more of the following changes to the shape of your nose.

  • Correcting the effects of an injury.
  • Eliminating the appearance of a birth defect.
  • Narrowing your nostrils’ opening.
  • Making your nose bigger or smaller.
  • Shaping the tip of your nose.

Getting Ready for a Rhinoplasty

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Possible complications include bleeding, infections, and bruising. You should plan to return home the same day as your procedure, and you should arrange for a ride home.

Recovering from Your Rhinoplasty

You will have swelling in your nose and face when you go home, and you could have pain. You will be sent home with nasal packing, which will remain for up to five days. After you remove the packing, you should feel more comfortable.

While most of the recovery takes place within weeks, you may experience changes for up to a year. You may have numbness and swelling in the tip of your nose for months

Feel More Confident

Feeling better about your looks can give you more confidence in life and that can make all the difference. Walk into interviews with your head held high, feel more involved in your social life, and be prouder of your appearance in photos when you are pleased with your nose. The Georgia Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery can help you get the nose you want.