Scar Revision
Scar Revision - Removal Surgery

Scar Revision Removal Specialist in the Atlanta area

Scars are formed as skin heals after surgery or an injury. While a scar may not be medically harmful, it can do other damage to you. It can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious if it is very visible, such as on your face or arms. Even if it is a scar that not many people see, it can make you uncomfortable or remind you of an injury or procedure that you would rather not think about.

Treatment Options for Scar Revision – Removal Surgery

Scars can be unattractive, but they are often treatable. The Georgia Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery offers many options for scar revision.

  • Topical ointments, such as petroleum ointments and silicone gels and sheets.
  • Steroid treatments, which can be used over multiple sessions to reduce the size of your scars.
  • Laser treatments, which can be done in office and have minimal discomfort.
  • Dermabrasion, which in effect blurs the scar in with the surrounding skin so it is less noticeable.
  • Surgery to remove the excess skin that forms the scar tissue.

You may be best off with one or more treatments in combination.

Getting Started with Scar Revision – Removal Surgery

You do not have to live with unsightly scars. Instead, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fletcher. You can learn about your options and discuss ways to look and feel your best with scar revision.